Secure Password Management for Everyone

From e-mail communication through e-commerce or Web 2.0 to bank transactions – life today would be unthinkable without passwords and PINs. Yet the more access codes we are required to remember, the more difficult it becomes. Password managers generally make things simpler for users, though many of these supposedly secure tools are actually easy prey for hackers – even if they use strong encryption algorithms. Fraunhofer SIT's iMobileSitter software is different:

  • Higher security than conventional password managers
  • Resistance against widely-used hacker attacks
  • Easy to use interface

Also available for Android

Secure Password Storage

iMobileSitter protects passwords and PINs using an innovative technique that offers far greater security than conventional password managers. Hackers get crazy due to iMobileSitter's resistance against common attacks such as dictionary attacks or brute force attacks. Backup and restore features provide addional reliability of the stored secrets in case of defect or loss.

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Passwords available anytime and anywhere

iMobileSitter users only have to memorize a single password – the master password. The software takes care of the rest. Once the master password is entered correctly, stored passwords are decrypted and displayed. Users with iMobileSitter installed on their Apple iPhone or iPod Touch have their passwords available, anytime and anywhere.

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Easy to use interface

The graphical user interface provides quick access to all stored passwords and PINs. Secrets codes can be structured in arbitrary order and hierarchies. iMobileSitter provides usable password management. Look at our screenshots to get an impression.

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